Episode 2: Dr David Keel Era
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Production completed: 12 January 1961
UK Premiere: 14 January 1961

In the sequel to "Hot Snow," Steed convinces Dr. Keel to become a member of Ronnie Vance's gang. Himself having become a member of a rival gang, Steed arranges for a police raid to convince Vance that Keel is crooked. Keel learns that a member of the rival gang is going to murder Vance and his brother, but when Keel advises Steed of this, Vance figures out that there are traitors in both gangs. The police arrive to find one of Vance's men, who was sent to kill Steed, held captive by Keel with a hypodermic needle. Threatened with instant death by injection (a bluff), the man confesses to the murder of Keel's fiancée. Steed then enlists Keel as his permanent partner.


The screenplay is based on a story by Patrick Brown. Brian Clemens co-wrote it, as well as "Hot Snow," with Ray Rigby.

This episode has not been recovered; the image shown at left is a production still (usually shot during a rehearsal).

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Written by
Designed by
Directed by
Music by
Story Editors

Brian Clemens
Robert Fuest
Peter Hammond
Leonard White
Johnny Dankworth
Patrick Brawn & John Bryce


Dr. David Keel
John Steed
Pretty Boy
Nick Mason
Dr. Tredding
Carol Wilson
Chinese Girl
Ronnie Vance
Det.-Supt. Wilson
Det.-Sgt. Rogers

Ian Hendry
Patrick Macnee 007
Lionel Burns #
Redmond Bailey #
Clifford Elkin
Neil McCarthy #
Charles Morgan #
Godfrey Quigley #
Philip Stone # 007
Ingrid Hafner
Joyce Wong Chong
Robert James #
Alister Williamson #
Michael Collins # 007
Carol White


Redmond Bailey

Death on the Slipway

Lionel Burns

Toy Trap

Michael Collins

Mr Teddy Bear

Robert James

Hot Snow
Death à la Carte
Too Many Christmas Trees
Look - (stop me if...

Neil McCarthy

The Interrogators
Dead Man's Treasure

Charles Morgan

The Rotters

Godfrey Quigley

Hot Snow
The White Elephant

Philip Stone

Hot Snow

Alister Williamson

Hot Snow
The Living Dead

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