Episode 7: Dr David Keel Era
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Production completed: 18 February 1961
UK Premiere: 18 February 1961

Posing as an airline steward accused of a crime, Steed is inducted into an illicit diamond smuggling ring. After a successful flight to New York and a subsequent party, Steed returns home drunk. The next morning he finds he is accused of killing a girl in a hit-and-run accident during the night. But Dr. Keel determines that Steed had instead been heavily drugged, and could not have driven a car. The smugglers, who use each of their couriers only once, had blackmailed Steed into committing suicide, which is their MO. Just before Steed is forced to take his own life and that of an accomplice, Keel arrives with the police.


This episode was broadcast live and never aired in London. It has not been recovered; the image shown at left is a production still (usually shot during a rehearsal).

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Written by
Designed by
Directed by
Music by
Story Editors

Max Marquis
Robert Fuest
Peter Hammond
Leonard White
Johnny Dankworth
Patrick Brawn & John Bryce


Dr. David Keel
John Steed
Fiona Charles
Dr. Collard
Carol Wilson
Stella Creighton

Ian Hendry
Patrick Macnee 007
Douglas Muir
Sandra Dorne #
Hamlyn Benson
Ingrid Hafner
Joy Webster


Sandra Dorne

Conspiracy of Silence

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