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Wish You Were Here
By Joseph A.P. Lloyd

Direction: Three out of five. As Don Chaffey was one of the first directors to work on The Prisoner, and the working title of this was "The Prisoner", then we can only assume that we are going to have good direction. And we do, to an extent. Unfortunately, what starts off as rather good does not actually stay. The direction gets worse as we go along. Chaffey seems to be losing his grip.

Plot: Two out of five. Hmmmm. I suppose that the plot is fairly original, but I am afraid that it fails to interest me. Well, there are no holes in it, I suppose, but it is a little ordinary.

Original Music: Three out of five. I am sure that Blake had a good time scoring this, but it fails to interest me, just like the plot. At least it is as silly as the action it accompanies.

With Music From: "Escape in Time," "The Danger Makers," "Death's Door," "The Town of No Return," "Who's Who???," "The Forget-Me-Knot."

Cars/Sets/Locations: Three out of ten. The hotel here is at least a real one, and the number of interesting cars one can see is quite fascinating. However, some of the sets are not that good, particularly on the balcony, which should have been on location.

Introduction/Tag: Three out of ten. Brevitt's first escape attempt fails to interest me, I am afraid, although it is a good, immediate start to the episode. The tag is actually rather funny, and helps to lift up the side somewhat. Actually, the introduction is a rather good indication of what we are going to get in the episode.

Overall Impression: Oh dear, close family members in The Avengers! And he really exists, too! Basil is a fun creation, and such a bad agent! We have a scene where Tara recognises Steed's car by its engine sound as well. However, we do not see much of Steed, and the whole thing does not appeal to me very much, I have to say.

Rating: Five and a half out of ten.

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