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Love All
by Nick Griffiths

I for one am not really into soppy lovey-dovey dramas (despite enjoying the film Vertigo) and this is by far the worst Avengers episode for exactly that reason.

When I first watched this, I was in desperate need of a sick bucket; it's all soppy and yukky. The opening scene is terrible and I nearly switched off and watched The Professionals instead, but I'm a Linda Thorson fan and Gordon Jackson doesn't look as pretty in a skirt, not that I regularly watch GC in a skirt. Mind you, I'll bet Joe Public switched off in droves on each broadcast and I don't blame them. The episode has two redeeming features: 1) It's Tara; 2) It finishes.

Terence Alexander gives a performance that indicates he'd rather be at home, and I don't blame him.

Overall, a terrible episode. Half a bowler.

Love All
by David Willingham

So apparently love does conquer all. Or at least it conquers middle-aged bureaucrats under the spell of a high-tech Love Potion #9.

This is a wonderful episode—one of my favorites of the Tara era. It has a tilted, Avenger-esque plot, oddball villains, and enough action and suspense to maintain my interest the entire hour. The frequent doses of tongue-in-cheek humor also make it a winner.

A few other highlights include:

  • Cleaning lady Martha, the ruthless villainess whose charms are literally fatal to her suitors. Martha's transformation from dowdy charwoman to glamorous redhead was especially remarkable.
  • The instant novel-writing machine at Casanova Ink. I always suspected most romances were dictated at high speed and then rushed directly onto the press without revision. That probably applies to most westerns, mysteries and action novels, too. (Still, they're better than 85% of the pretentious crud I was forced to read as a grad student in literature.)
  • Mother as cricketer. It's good to know Mother exercises regularly to keep his trim figure.
  • The droll tag sequence where Steed is hounded by teenyboppers in love. Wonder if Elvis felt that way, too?

All in all, a fine and funny episode. Award it a cheerful 4.5 out of 5 bowlers.

Love All
by Mikie5o

I just spent a very enjoyable hour. "Love all" is the best episode I've seen thus far. I've read the other reviews and must concur, this one is special.

4 corks

Love All
by Barbara

This was my favorite Tara King episode when I was younger (hmm, when it was on originally), and once I obtained the videos from A&E, I still feel that way, although I have now found several others I enjoy equally.

I have always enjoyed watching Steed with Tara. In many ways, he treats her with almost fatherly affection (note the look on his face in the tag scene of "Noon Doomsday", as he watches her discover the "presents" he's given her).

In this particular episode, I loved the entire scene where Tara tries to kill herself because she feels Bromfield doesn't love her. The panic on Steed's face as he discovers her on the window ledge, the tense scene as he attempts to drag her into the room while she obviously does nothing to help him, the seeming tangle of arms and legs when they both wind up on the floor, the shaking he gives her as he asks loudly and sternly what she was trying to do (as Patrick Macnee does a wonderful job of blending anger, confusion, and concern), all seem to add to that idea. And then, in the tag, when she is amused by his predicament, she seems to be a self-assured young woman again rather than a despondent adolescent. Linda Thorson played both parts equally well.

The piano that turns out to be Rosemary Z. Glade is terrific, and I love the line Steed gives Thelma: "May I call you Rosemary?" and her answer, "You can if you want. My name's Thelma."

I would like to state to all of those who are constantly down on Tara King, from the beginning of this case, she was adamant that love was behind the killings, and Mother and Steed both dismissed that idea. She was right, as she often is. I recommend this episode highly.

Love All
by Simon D

This episode has a strange power which has made me fall hopelessly in love with it. Actually, its power is not so strange, I love it because it's very, very funny. Because of some similarity in the plots, it's been compared to "Something Nasty in the Nursery," which I saw again just before it, but I think "Love All" is a lot better. It has to be one of the most amusing Avengers episodes I've ever seen, brimming over with comic ideas and performances. In particular, Veronica Strong is absolutely hilarious as Martha the Ministry cleaner. Who couldn't fall for her charms?

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