Episode 118: Emma Peel Era
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  We're Needed

Emma awakens from a nap to find a toy carousel nearby bearing the message, "Mrs. Peel," whereupon Steed utters, "We're needed."


Emma peers into a crystal ball for a glimpse of Steed's future. The message? "Watch next week."

  Stats ?


 Rien ne va plus dans la nursery

 Eins, zwei, drei - Wer hat den Ball?

 Ritorno all'infanzia (Back to childhood)

 Algo feo en la nursery

 Kwajongensstreken in de kinderkamer (uncertain)

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Steed Acquires a Nanny
Emma Shops for Toys

Production completed: 2 April 1967
UK Premiere (London, Season 5): 21 April 1967
US Premiere (New York, Season 2): 5 May 1967

Missile sites and other secrets are leaking from high sources—all of whom are considered unimpeachable. Steed's first clue is the name of a nanny, and chases her down to a nanny training school where he is met by a machine-gun toting old lady in a wheelchair. Meanwhile, Emma enjoys a drug-induced trip back to her childhood...


I'm not exactly certain why, but this one just never quite gets up to full steam for me. Perhaps it's the lack of a really interesting mastermind—Dudley Foster as Mr. Goat is more annoying than diabolical. And why—right at the climax, no less—must we bring everything to a grinding halt to have the mastermind explain to one of his minions how everything works, when surely they already understand what they've been doing all this time (as by now do we)? But like all Avengers episodes, it does have its rewards. Where else would you get to see a nanny in a motorized wheelchair wielding a machine gun? Or a jack-in-the-box with a pistol?


The second half of this episode's two-liner—"Steed Acquires a Nanny/Emma Shops for Toys"—is something of an error, which might reflect a change in the original script. You see, Emma doesn't shop for toys; Steed does. It's possible that she did the shopping for the Baby Bouncers in the original script, and the two-liner was never corrected. Most of her time is spent chasing after the drugged-up bigwigs.

Where's Nanny Brown? Penelope Keith receives credit, but does not appear to receive screen time...

Dudley Foster appeared in the Police Surgeon episode, "Operation Mangle."

Acronym Alert: GONN is the Guild of Noble Nannies.

 Best Scene

Steed is left in charge of a room full of vocal "infants" at the nanny training center.

 Best Line

Not even a line, really, but the last utterances of Mr. Martin after being shot by a "toy" gun: "By... by-y... buh-buh..." I have no idea why I find it so funny, but it makes me burst out laughing every time.

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Teleplay by
Directed by

Philip Levene
James Hill

Full production credits


John Steed
Emma Peel
Mr. Goat
Miss Lester
Lord William Beaumont
Viscount Frederick Webster
Sir George Collins
General Wilmot
Nanny Roberts
Nanny Smith
Nanny Brown

Patrick Macnee 007
Diana Rigg 007
Dudley Foster #
Yootha Joyce
Paul Eddington #
Paul Hardwick 007
Patrick Newell #
Geoffrey Sumner
Trevor Bannister
Clive Dunn
George Merritt
Enid Lorimer
Louie Ramsay
Penelope Keith #
Dennis Chinnery


Paul Eddington

Immortal Clay

Dudley Foster

The Hour That Never Was
Wish You Were Here

Penelope Keith

The Murder Market
Take Me To Your Leader

Patrick Newell

The Town of No Return
The Forget-Me-Knot

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