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by Nick Griffiths

For once I agree with David! What a pile of tripe. However, I disagree that "this would make a great Doctor Who story." As a long-term fan of that series, I think that "The Cybernauts" would make a great Doctor Who (perhaps the copyright should be bought so Steed and Dr. Who could meet!).

Back on the focus. "Thingumajig" is obviously a spoof of Nation's Daleks. Iain Cuthbertson is the episode's only redeeming feature; he portrays the villain so well. There are so many things that could have been done better, such as actually getting Tara involved instead of that woman with a lion's main on her head. Wasn't the terrified bloke the same terrified bloke at the start of "The Fear Merchants"?

Anyway, half a bowler for Cuthbertson.

by Iain Clarke

Another strange choice for Thorson as a favourite episode! The script has so many holes it's incredible! The main problem for me is why Steed decides to go to the quarry for no particular reason, and then happens to find a body! The acting from a lot of the guest cat is just plain awful as well. Pace seems to be non-existent (my attention wavers after the first act) and in the main the direction is flat. Possibly one of the worst episodes of the original series, after things get off to so promising a start.

The opening scenes in the church are extremely well directed by Norman (who sadly seems to have been given a bun steer when it came down to scripts—he was also lumbered with "Bizarre"), who adds a touch of Hammer horror and makes them quite scary. This is what the comparable scenes in "The Living Dead" should have achieved. Then, sadly, the direction and the rest of the episode start to go downhill.

There are three other saving graces to this episode. The first is the only humourous line that Pat can find to put a spin on: "Could you find a use for this?" "In an emergency..." The second is Iain Cuthbertson as Kruger. An actor of class and distinction managing to give the show at least one performance worth watching. The final thing is Tara's fight with the box. It's a shame that one of the episodes which has her doing something worthwhile (despite the lack of screen time) is also one of the worst. You're more likely to switch off before you see it!

I'm afraid that, as a Doctor Who fan, I also have to reject the contention that this would have made a good script for the show. Come on, even the much maligned Paradise Towers makes better viewing than this (only just, I grant you)!

Great opening, shame about the rest. 2/10.

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