Episode 161: Tara King Era
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Steed shows off his latest toy to Tara: a space ship. Tara accidentally pushes the wrong button and launches them into orbit.



 Nächster Aufenthalt: Paradies

 Prato felice


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Steed finds paradise
Tara is shot into orbit*

Production completed: 3 March 1969
UK Premiere (London, Season 7): 21 May 1969
US Premiere (New York, Season 4): 21 April 1969

A woman found wandering through a snowy field in her nightgown claims to have seen a dead man in his coffin—and the man wasn't dead. But Happy Meadows, where the man was buried, has a different problem: all of the coffins are empty!


What a sour note on which to exit, especially as the previous effort was quite promising. Here, the principal cast members seem to be doing little more than going through the motions—one can almost sense the doom in their eyes. Not to mention that the sets were dreadful. And given that this episode formally marked the end of the series, Mother's little epilogue is inappropriately optimistic.


*This unofficial subtitle is by Yours Truly.

 Best Line

"Wot? All of them?" (Happychap, after being told to exhume the whole of Happy Meadows)

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Written by
Directed by

Brian Clemens
Leslie Norman

Full production credits


John Steed
Tara King
Bagpipes Happychap
The Master
Helen Pritchard
Captain Cordell
Jonathan Jupp
Mrs. Jupp

Patrick Macnee 007
Linda Thorson
Roy Kinnear #
Fulton Mackay #
Patrick Newell #
Sally Nesbitt #
James Kerry
George Innes
John Sharp #
Sheila Burrell
Michael Balfour
Patrick Connor #
Ron Pember #



Rhonda Parker


Patrick Connor

Cat Amongst the Pigeons
Death on the Slipway

Roy Kinnear

Esprit de Corps
The Hour That Never Was
The See-Through Man

Fulton Mackay

Return of the Cybernauts
You'll Catch Your Death

Sally Nesbitt

The Joker

Patrick Newell

The Town of No Return
Something Nasty in the Nursery

Ron Pember

Double Danger

John Sharp

Traitor in Zebra

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