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The Eagle's Nest
By Joseph A.P. Lloyd

Direction: Two out of five. Although there are some interesting shots once we get to the actual island, Davis makes his one and only Avengers episode a little dull. The majority of the time it is just ordinary shots. Robert Fuest would have had a great time with this one, I am sure.

Plot: Three out of five. Although many people say that this episode is not like the original series, it in fact borrows heavily from "The Town of No Return" and the cryogenic freezing is straight out of "Invasion of the Earthmen"! It is just the new style which is so different, which does take a little while to get accustomed to. A rather good plot, but why can't they just leave Gambit out of it?

Music Cheese Factor: Four out of five. Did you see Steed's entrance in this episode? It is marked by the most awfully dated seventies shopping tune that you have ever heard in your life! Considering that this is actually his series first appearance, it is rather unfair that Johnson should sink so low. We also have Gambit's car chase, which is also rather badly scored. Not a good start.

Wittiness: Two out of five. Clemens' wit seems to have disappeared for the new series. But there is a very funny line. Purdey on her lipstick: "It's called 'Sins of Youth'." Steed: "That's not a colour, it's an accusation."

Action: Four out of five. Gambit seems to have been drafted in to liven things up a bit, but Davis' direction in his fight with the Nazi is so like a Kung-Fu film that you expect Bruce Lee to appear at any moment giving helpful karate chopping hints. A very violent episode to start off with, including the five minutes at the end with Steed, Purdey and gambit all getting in on the act. Wasn't this supposed to be family viewing?

Cars/Sets/Locations: Five out of five. One thing that I must say about this series is that the sets are about 10 times better than in the original series. Add to that an episode mostly done on location, and you have a brilliant score. Unfortunately, we see Steed in a Rover SD1, rather than a vintage car. Oh well, at least Gambit gets to steal a Citroen DS23.

Introduction: Four out of five. One of the best titles of the entire series here, with another agent being chased in a bizarre way, by men with poisoned fishing rods. When he bursts into the monastery, and then is hauled away by the monks it is rather good, but he should have been killed there for the full Avengers effect. However, this is The New Avengers! The aftermath is wonderful, with them all marching to Colonel Bogey. If this had been kept up, maybe the season would have had a better reception.

Freeze frame: Stannard about to jump off a cliff. Actually one of the better ones.

Overall Impression: A thoroughly good episode, with wonderful villains, great location filming, a good storyline and some recognisable guest stars from the old series. Frank Gatliff and Peter Cushing are wonderful as well. Purdey is just as good as Cathy Gale, if not better, and it is here that we see her in a wetsuit. Gambit is awful, though and is really not needed as it is obvious that Steed and Purdey can handle themselves. A well-deserved place on my top ten list.

Rating: Seven and a half out of ten.

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