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The Best of The New Avengers

Tale of the Big Why: Now, why couldn't they have all been this good? Short on violence, long on cleverness.

Dead Men Are Dangerous: The combination of a deeply sentimental script and one of Patrick Macnee's most moving performances make this a must-see, and with the possible exception of "Forward Base" it is the only second season episode worth watching. While it stands at the top of many other Best Of lists, it doesn't quite make it there for me because it is also rather dark and brooding, whereas my #1 is so much more fun.

The Eagle's Nest: A hopeful start for the series—after all, Nazis are always fun!

Target!: Though flawed, it is clever and especially worthwhile for its study of the relationships between our heroes.

Faces: A "been there, done that" that's worth doing again, if for no other reason than the great Purdey-Gambit rapport.

Honorable Mention

Forward Base: The best of the Canadian lot benefits from some touches of the original series.

To Catch a Rat: An appropriate guest star, some fine performances, and several side-splitting Purdey-Gambit exchanges.

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