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NEW AVENGERS  (1976-77)

In a nutshell: While many die-hard aficionados of the original series tend to eschew The New Avengers, is still part of The Avengers history. Other than the name, genre and one character, it bears little resemblance to its ancestry (but then, the same could be said of the Emma Peel era with respect to that of David Keel). While most everyone had good intentions, it suffered the fate of having too many cooks. READ MORE

Two become three--but there is always a pretty girl.


Season 2


01 The Eagle's Nest
02 The Midas Touch
03 House of Cards
04 The Last of the Cybernauts...??
05 To Catch a Rat
06 Cat Amongst the Pigeons
07 Target!
08 Faces
09 Tale of the Big Why
10 The Three-Handed Game
11 Sleeper
12 Gnaws
13 Dirtier by the Dozen

14 Hostage
15 Trap
16 Dead Men Are Dangerous
17 Medium Rare
18 Angels of Death
19 Obsession
20 The Lion and the Unicorn
21 K is for Kill, Part 1
22 K is for Kill, Part 2
23 Complex
24 The Gladiators
25 Forward Base
26 Emily

Notes & Extras

  • Episodes are listed in PRODUCTION ORDER.
  • All episodes are available on DVD; all pages have reviews and screen grabs.
  • The Best of TNA.
  • Quote, Unquote: Comments of the cast and crew during production.
  • Who's Who??? has cast and characters bios, guest actors and more.
  • See Appendix A for UK and US transmission order lists and sources.

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