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Quick-Quick Slow Death
By Rodney Marshall

High on humour? Possibly. Low on dramatic tension? Certainly. I just find this episode far too silly. Lucille Banks makes an interesting baddy but most of the other guest characters are ridiculous: from the army captain who is forced to communicate in squeaks and grunts after his strangulation, the Northern tattooist engraving his death message on a garlic sausage, to Chester the drunken band leader and a Russian "who never measures but moulds" his fine Italian footwear.

The sending-up of high society tailors and shoes makers is mildly amusing but the only scene I find myself smiling at is the climactic dance gala with its none too subtle number changes. At one point Mrs. Peel makes a direct reference to the popular British comedy film series when she suggests that they "carry on dancing." The slapstick humour in this episode is far more in keeping with Carry On than with The Avengers. A four turkey, rather than four bowler, IMHO.

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