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Episode 97: Emma Peel Era
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Peever: "Did someone get the number of that pram?"
Piedi: "Feet? Who cares about feet? I want your nose!"
Miss Banks: "Yes, I realize the music is dreadful..."

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(The real) Arthur PeeverHugginsWilli FehrFintryBernard



English: "The Light Fantastic"

French: "La danse macabre"

German: "Gefährliche Tanzstunde"

Italian: "A passo di danza"

Spanish: "Una Muerte Rįpida, Rįpida, Pero Lenta"

Dutch: "Dodendans"

Radio: "The Quick-Quick-Slow Death"



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Steed Has Two Left Feet
Emma Dances with Danger

Produced: ca. 25 October to ca. 12 November 1965
UK Premiere (London, Season 4): 4 February 1966
US Premiere: Not included in original Season 1 lineup

Enemy Takeover (click to see category list)A dead man is discovered in a runaway pram, and a number of diverse clues eventually point to a dance school. A quick-quick slow investigation by "Baggy Pants" Steed and Emma reveals it to be a front for a spy infiltration scheme, wherein lonely, anonymous bachelors are replaced with enemy agents.


Wonderfully eccentric characters abound, like the tattooist and his garlic sausage ("What is home without a moth?"), and Piedi the Italian shoemaker gushing over Emma's "two pairs of foot." And don't you just love the title? It would have earned a full four bowlers—indeed, it could have been in the top ten—were it not for the effectively annoying dance school music, which gets stuck in my head every time I watch it.


That annoying dance hall music is recycled in a scene from "The £50,000 Breakfast."

Steed really mangles his French when he tells Emma, "I neufed his soixante!" This literally translates to "I nined his sixty" when Steed in fact nined his six—so to speak. Thanks to Sandry for this one.

 On Location

The street scenes were filmed just ouside the studio on Shenley Road, Borehamwood.

 Best Scene

Steed has a one-way conversation with Captain Noble, who, having been nearly choked to death earlier, can only grunt and croak. When Steed asks how he relayed a message to Mrs. Peel on the phone, the Captain whistles in Morse code.

 Best Line

After having accidentally target-shot his "lunchtime refreshment," Steed laments, "Hate to see good beer going into orbit."

Another fine exchange... Emma: "You're number nine!" Steed: "And you're dancing with garlic sausage!"


This time our heroes dance away in a swirling mist.



Teleplay by
Directed by

Robert Banks Stewart
James Hill

Full production credits


John Steed
Emma Peel
Lucille Banks
Ivor Bracewell
Chester Read
Captain Noble
Bank Manager
Willi Fehr

Patrick Macnee The 007 Connection
Diana Rigg The 007 Connection
Eunice Gayson The 007 Connection
Maurice Kaufmann
Carole Gray
Larry Cross
James Belchamber*
John Woodnutt
Alan Gerrard
David Kernan*
Colin Ellis
Graham Armitage*
Charles Hodgson*
Ronald Govey
Michael Peake


Graham Armitage

The Correct Way to Kill

James Belchamber


Charles Hodgson

Double Danger

David Kernan

Never, Never Say Die

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