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The Murder Market
By Joseph A.P. Lloyd

Direction: Four out of five. Peter Graham Scott took this one over on 10th December 1964, only six days after it had been abandoned by Wolf Rilla. However, even though this was the first episode that he directed to be transmitted (his first was "The Town of No Return"), his flair is evident. Just watch the scene where Henshawe is drowned in the bath.

Plot: Three and a half out of five. Hardly original even in 1965, but dating agencies prove to be a great point of humour, which manifests itself throughout the episode. This is unfortunate, as Emma looks as if she is being killed in one of the scenes. Well done to Williamson on his first script.

Music: Three and a half out of five. Although I cannot sense very much new music in this one, it seems to be a lot better chosen than the previous installment, and then we have the hilarious "Togetherness" song, which certainly sums up the cheesy, soppy scene at the Marriage Bureau. Then, the theme for "Death at Bargain Prices" is replayed, but only suits one of the fights that are happening.

Wittiness: Four out of five. Some very funny lines in this one, especially as it is his first script, so his flair is even more remarkable seeing as he has never written for the series before. Among the best lines are: "...a mixture of Lucretia Bourgea and Joan of Arc." "Sounds like every girl I ever knew."

Action: Four out of five. Steed and Emma versus just about everyone else in the final scene is utterly wonderful, but shame they could not have varied the music a bit, as the fight between Emma, Barbara and Mrs Stone is deadly serious, whereas Steed's fight in the other room is a wonderfully comic affair, with all sorts of props being used to get some effect.

Cars/Sets/Locations: Three out of five. The sets in this episode are rather good, amazingly for such an early episode, and also, we have some location filming in the graveyard, with a Rolls-Royce hearse as well. However, Steed does not have his Bentley yet, and we do not get to see such scenes as the riding and the feeding of the ducks. Oh dear.

Introduction/Tag: Four out of five. Just the first shot of Jonathan Stone in front of that fish tank, his dropping of the carnation on the floor and then his subsequent shooting by his date are enough to make anyone whince, with the water then pouring out onto the floor. How did they do it? The tag is also very funny, with Steed and Emma once again showing that men and women are capable of fulfilling each other's roles.

Overall Impression: A very funny episode, packed full of eccentrics, some good direction and a fiery, early Emma, mean that this one is definitely one which should not be missed. The portrayal of Steed in this one as a lovable rogue is spot on, and, although they have a heated argument about Henshawe's death, there is something different about her this time, that makes her more appealing. Then there is that photo shoot! However, a lack of original music, some poor sets and a lack of original plot mark this down.

Rating: Seven out of ten.

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