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Julian Wintle, Producer, on Elizabeth Shepherd (the first choice for Emma Peel): "She has terrific personality and good looks - all the ingredients for the series."

Patrick Macnee, Actor, also on Shepherd: "Elizabeth is very beautiful. She has a cleft chin and I love cleft chins."

Diana Rigg, Actress, on assuming her role: "After five years with the Royal Shakespeare Company, I want a change. I shall be playing the part in my own way. I am not remotely like Honor Blackman as an actress or a personality."

Patrick Macnee, Actor, on his love of wines: "When the next series of The Avengers ends, my wife Catherine and I want to get into the car and drive to all the vineyards we love best. That would take us first to the Champagne district in the north of France... then we would motor down to the banks of the Loire to see the Pouilly Fuissé cellars. Across to Bordeaux and a taste of the Graves wines which are found there. If time permits, we would drive down to Portugal and the Douro region where they make port. Perhaps I might be able to locate a bottle of 1927 Quinta do Nuval. A real prince of ports, that one. John Steed would appreciate it to the full."

Diana Rigg, Actress, on an Avengers day: "It's the life of a mole. Alarm call at 6.30am. Car waiting for me in the mews. Off to Elstree. In the summer, I drove myself in the mini. Learned to drive especially for this part, y'know. But the traffic going home... ugh. Get to studio. Breakfast. A bacon sandwich, cup of coffee. Make-up. Get hair done for first time. Harry follows me around for the rest of the day, with brush and comb. On set, read lines. Never learn them. Memorise during rehearsal. Yes, it is a long day. But never dull. And I grab an hour's sleep at lunchtime. Just wrap myself in a shawl in my dressing room. Lunch for me is one mandarin orange."

Quotes sourced from the Daily Mail newspaper
and TVTimes magazine, 1965/66
Compiled by Alan Hayes

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