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Never, Never Say Die
by Matthew Moore, a.k.a. Sixofone

Plot: Excellent. Replacing people with robots is a great science fiction plot. This episode is sort of an update of "The Cybernauts" and was referenced at the beginning of this episode.

Humour: OK. "I've killed him again." Not much humour in this episode, but it is OK to have the occasional one that is not that funny.

Direction: Excellent. At the beginning of the episode there is a nice pan up shot of Professor Stone. I loved the upside-down flip shot of Emma searching for the body in the hospital.

Acting: Excellent. Ah! The wonderful Christopher Lee! Even though he didn't have much to say for the first twenty minutes of the episode, his screen presence was still tremendous. It was nice to see Christopher Benjamin again and Jeremy Young. I also enjoyed David Kernan's performance.

Music: Very Good. Nice "a robot is killing someone" music.

Tag: OK. Nothing with humour on the telly, Steed—try The Avengers.

Miscellaneous: So, at the beginning of this episode when Emma is watching a clip from "The Cybernauts," does this mean that she is watching The Avengers? When the duplicate attacked the man eating a banana, make-out music was playing on the radio and I was sure we would have the classic B-movie scene of two lovers being attacked by a monster, but alas all we get a man eating a banana. I don't think a flimsy net could hold those duplicates!

Overall Rating: 9/10

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