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You Have Just Been Murdered
By Grant L. Goggans

"Are you viewing comfortably? Then I'll begin." Didn't I see this story before on The Baron? No? The Saint, then? Man in a Suitcase? Well, I certainly never saw it on The Avengers before, and that's certain. The central weakness of "You Have Just Been Murdered" is also its major strength. While future installments would tell stories that would fit on any spy/espionage series, this particular story could have run with only the teeniest adjustment on any adventure series, and the blackmail could be investigated by anybody from Jim Rockford and his lady-of-the-week to Superman and Lois Lane. This is why it never really gels for me. Not only is this far removed from the Avengers world we know, Steed and Mrs. Peel, outside of the millionaires' party, are really just playing the roles of "male and female detective," with little of their characteristic wit and banter. So while it loses points for having so little of the weird charm we associate with the color Avengers, it maintains a few by being such a strong story. It is a clever plot, there's a great twist when Unwin decides to take matters into his own hands, and it's fun watching the latest faux attempt on a millionaire's life. The direction and acting are fine, with Simon Oates being particularly good, but it's just not what I associate with The Avengers.

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