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The Positive Negative Man
By Grant L. Goggans

"You seem to have pyromaniac mice!" This is a very well made episode that shows our heroes working together as a cohesive, unbeatable team. There's a great scene with Steed grabbing a man's shotgun and Mrs. Peel immediately jumping him in one beautifully rehearsed motion. Outside the action and effects, which are of the highest caliber, there are small touches of low key, macabre humor. When Mrs. Peel hears the villains' van start up, she casually walks through the hole Jubert's body has made in a partition, rather than around it. Unfortunately, Cynthia Wentworth-Howe is one of the show's few failings. Despite her charming habit of keeping keys in her stocking tops, the character seems like one of the quirky establishment goons from the following season. The only other problem I have is that, despite the fun use of broadcast power and all the good acting, effects and dialogue, this one seems awfully familiar. It's not that far removed from either of the previous Cybernaut adventures or "Never, Never Say Die," and while all four are good stories, I'd have preferred something a little different was done with the creepy man with the silver face and the metal finger than just stalk around with his touch of death eliminating the only people who can shed light on the plan.

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