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Escape in Time
By Grant L. Goggans

"These strange clothes you wear...the devil's work! Designed to inflame a man's passion!" In this episode's considerable defense, there is a remarkably surreal moment where Mrs. Peel, clutching a black stuffed crocodile, is chased by a motorcycling man in fox hunt costume. It's the stuff of Grant Morrison nightmares. Sadly, the rest of the hour is nowhere near this peak. The first half is interminable walks around a studio set of small city alleys and shops, enlivened only by the above chase and a fight between Mrs. Peel and a man impersonating Steed on what seems to be a railway platform with large, colorful wooden flats and the letter Q behind them. Once we finally meet Thyssen and his unreal plan, we run into the most obviously phony of all the Avengers fantasy hoaxes. Not for one minute does it seem the time machine is real, thanks in no small part to the "coincidence" of all of Thyssen's ancestors looking like Peter Bowles with different wigs and facial hair. The final fight is pretty good, but these outstanding set pieces can't save the hour.

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