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The Bird Who Knew Too Much
By Grant L. Goggans

This episode contains most of the elements that define expectations for the show, and plays with them using a clever and deft touch. There's a threat to the nation's security, a man who "bleeds" birdseed, nasty villains and a mysterious mastermind, a nutty eccentric, a great fight scene, a sexy guest star, two nasty death traps and wonderful filming. Still, it doesn't entirely gel, as it meanders a bit in the middle. Kenneth Cope is one of several sub-par guest stars. Only Ron Moody, the bird-training Jordan, puts in a truly great performance. With his "talk-on-cue" triangles and the fake canary on his mortarboard, he's arguably the goofiest supporting character the Avengers have met, and even more fun was forthcoming on that front. The Avengers Dossier nailed this one by calling it a good introduction to the series. It's a charming, above average entry that never achieves perfection, but frankly, it's too busy having fun to bother trying.

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