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Trevor Bannister

Gordon, Something Nasty in the Nursery

by Pete Stampede

Trevor S. Bannister (born 1936 in Durington, Wiltshire, England) was indeed the bland, supposed lead of Are You Being Served?, constantly surrounded by familiar faces, in the same familiar set, and usually the same familiar jokes. Earlier, he was in Object Z (1965), a sort of ITV answer to Doctor Who, and was later in a couple of episodes of the similarly-themed The Tomorrow People. He also did another lowbrow but popular sitcom, The Dustbinmen (Granada, 1969-70), and was a dodgy record producer in The Saint, "Portrait of Brenda" (1968). Wyatt's Watchdogs (BBC, 1988), a simply terrible sitcom with Brian Wilde, was not a long-runner.

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