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Bernard Cribbins

Arkwright, The Girl from Auntie
Bradley Marler, Look - (stop me if you've heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers...

by Pete Stampede

Bernard Cribbins could be regarded as a lower-key Peter Sellers, being essentially a comic actor adept at funny voices (and he wears the same type of glasses in this that Sellers did in real life). He was actually in several of Sellers' early 60's films (Two-Way Stretch, The Wrong Arm of the Law), and some of the Carry Ons including, aptly enough, Carry On Spying. Odder assignments include a bad-tempered publican in Hitchcock's Frenzy, and a policeman who mistakes the Tardis for a real police box in the second Doctor Who film, Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. He often worked on children's TV in the 70's, and is fondly remembered for narrating The Wombles, about a group of furry creatures living on Wimbledon Common; actually, one of my earliest memories is of him on a show called Star Turn, playing a bumbling detective called Ivor Notion (geddit!). More recently he's had some straight roles, including some at the National Theatre.

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