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Episode 96: Emma Peel Era
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Emma: "Do you think this outfit will get some attention?"
Taxi Driver: "Helps when the fog is REALLY thick..."
Receptionist: "They give me a gun but not a name!"
Georgie: "Makes a change from particle physics."

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Brian PansardBatesMarshallBarrettBarrettWimpoleJohn Jaques
Paul JaquesGeorge JaquesFred JaquesIvanoffSteed carries a gun and hands it to Georgie



French: "Maille à partir avec les taties"

German: "Nadeln töten leiser" or "Mrs. Peel, zum Ersten, zum Zweiten, zum Dritten" depending on the vintage of the print

Italian: "Cercate 'la vecchia' "

Spanish: "La Chica De Auntie"

Dutch: "Een recht, twee averecht"



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Steed Almost Outbids Himself
Emma is a Bird in a Gilded Cage

Produced: ca. 4 October to ca. 23 October 1965
UK Premiere (London, Season 4): 20 January 1966
US Premiere (New York, Season 1): 6 June 1966

Selling Secrets (click to see category list)Returning from vacation, Steed is faced with some puzzles, such as why a pretty, plucky young woman named Georgie Price-Jones is impersonating Emma, and why everyone Georgie ever met is being murdered with knitting needles. The trail leads to an art dealer who is auctioning off Emma for her secrets.


Although it has a tendency to be too cute at times, there are some wonderful bits, such as Steed calling the fake Emma on the phone ("It's ol' loverboy himself!"), Steed hamming it up as art-dealer Wayne Pennyfeather ffitch ("My nerve ends are positively tingly!"), and the taxi driver amusing himself while hauling Steed and his junk around forever.


Exclusive: Writer Roger Marshall has penned an essay about his tenure on The Avengers.

Max Pemberton writes: [Patrick] Macnee appears in The Return of the Man From UNCLE as the new head of UNCLE, Sir John Raleigh, replacing the late Alexander Waverley (Leo G. Carrol). Sir John Raleigh is not unlike John Steed and, in an alternate universe, it would be nice to think that this was Steed's next role, leaving the British Secret Service to become the head of the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement (but having to change his surname for reasons of security of course). The Return of the Man From UNCLE also featured a character in a gadget-laden silver Aston Martin DB5 and wearing a tuxedo during the daytime, as you do. Known only as "JB" he arrives on the scene to assist Napoleon Solo in eluding his pursuers. The character is played by George Lazenby, who, as James Bond, married Tracy Di Vicenzo (Diana Rigg) in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, a film which also featured future Purdey, Joanna Lumley. The cast also included Anthony Zerbe, who played the ill-fated Milton Krest in Licence to Kill. "Solo" incidentally was the original title for TMFU, and created by Ian Fleming. As there was a character in Goldfinger, which featured Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale), called Mr. Solo (the gangster who ended up in the car compactor and played by another Avengers stalwart, Martin Benson) the UNCLE producers were prevented from using it, so the title was changed to The Man From UNCLE. Small world isn't it?

Caroline believes she has spotted several Man from U.N.C.L.E. references (aside from the title): the event Emma attends is the "MFU Charity Costume Ball"; Emma is dressed as a bird, a possible THRUSH reference; and the alarm that comes on when Steed flips a switch on the control console sounds like an U.N.C.L.E. alarm.

Did you catch the sly reference to the Beatles? (Four of the bodies: John, Paul, George and Fred.) Also... The "Bates and Marshal Advertising Agency" is no doubt reference to author Roger Marshall and story editor Richard Bates. And did anyone notice the self defense book Georgie is reading?—written by Ray Austin, the series' stunt arranger par excellence (see image).

According to Elaine Smith (no relation), "some of the dead bodies belong to the firm of solicitors called Barrett, Barrett & Wimpole. In case you didn't already know, this must be a reference to The Barretts of Wimpole Street, originally a play by Rudolph Besier and a 1934 movie starring Norma Shearer, Frederic March and Charles Laughton. It is based on the true story of poets Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning who married in the face of her father's disapproval, and who, I believe, had an unusually equal partnership for their day."

Car Talk: For fans of obscure automobiles, Ken Dickson reports that the odd little three-wheeled vehicle in the tag is a Messerschmitt KR201 Cabriolet Micro Car. More here.

Acronym Alert: AKC is the Arkwright Knitting Circle.

Steed's Aunties: After clobbering Steed with a vase, Georgie says, "I thought you were an old lady with a bale of knitting needles." Steed replies, "They do say I take after Granny."

This, by the way, is the episode that inspired me to add the "body count" (the headstones under "Stats") for the Emma Peel episodes. And speaking of stats, Mike Kunkel has earned bonus points for noticing that Steed carries a gun in the pocket of his trousers (giving new meaning to that old line, "Is that a gun in your pocket?"). After knocking down Ivanoff, he hands it to Georgie.

 On Location

Dyrham Park Golf Club, Dancer's Hill, served as the setting for the charity ball. Look familiar? Perhaps you saw it in "The Thirteenth Hole."

 Best Scene

Georgie goes into a quiet panic after receiving a call from "ol' loverboy." (Curious, considering she never flinches at the sight of nearly a dozen dead bodies...)

 Best Line

Steed: "Six bodies in an hour and twenty minutes. What do you call that?" Georgie: "It's a good first act."


Steed and Emma are crammed into a three-wheeled bubble car, and they overtake Georgie driving a Steed-like Bentley.



Teleplay by
Directed by

Roger Marshall
Roy Baker

Full production credits


John Steed
Emma Peel
Georgie Price-Jones
Gregorie Auntie
Old Lady
Aunt Hetty
Taxi Driver
Fred Jaques

Patrick Macnee The 007 Connection
Diana Rigg The 007 Connection
Liz Fraser
Alfred Burke*
Bernard Cribbins* The 007 Connection
David Bauer* The 007 Connection
Mary Merrall*
Sylvia Colleridge
Yolande Turner*
Ray Martine
Maurice Browning
John Rutland



Royston Farrell
Romo Gorrara The 007 Connection


David Bauer

The Little Wonders

Alfred Burke

The Mauritius Penny

Bernard Cribbins

Look - (stop me if...

Mary Merrall

Homicide and Old Lace

Yolande Turner

The £50,000 Breakfast

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