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Michael Latimer

Roger Winthrop, A Touch of Brimstone
Haworth, The Positive Negative Man
Reresby, Angels of Death

by Pete Stampede

Michael Latimer starred in Hammer's unconscious camp classic Slave Girls, a.k.a. Prehistoric Women (1967), in which a brunette tribe treats a blonde one as slaves; more than one reviewer has commented that Latimer looked less like a Great White Hunter than a gentlemen's hairdresser. The same cultdom may one day befall Man of Violence (1970), for sleaze-bucket director Pete Walker, in which Latimer was a gay-ish protagonist. Perhaps it's not surprising that he hasn't acted for years, but teaches at a London acting school. On TV, he was in Marked Personal with Stephanie Beacham, one of the first British daytime soaps in the 70's. Guest appearances include The Saint, "The Man Who Gambled With Life" (1968), The Professionals, "Killer With A Long Arm" (1978) and The Sweeney, "Golden Fleece" (1975). He was also in the film version of the latter, titled simply Sweeney! (1977) and not as good as the TV series (oh dear... sound familiar?).

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