Episode 18: The New Avengers
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Steed's old friend who dies of the week: Manderson

Gambit's conquest of the week: Jane

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 Les anges de la mort

 Engel des Todes

 Gli angeli della morte

 Engelen van de Dood

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Produced: April 1977
UK Premiere: 15 September 1977
US Premiere: 29 September 1978

Those health farms can be deadly! After nearly fifty colleagues die of natural causes over a two-year period, Steed and company discover the common link: a health farm! So The Avengers make an appointment at the farm for a quick tune-up...


Pretty straightforward, predictable fare; nothing outrageous or ingenious. Most likely the episode's sole claim to fame is its guest star, Caroline Munro. Lots of 70s wah-wah music as the Angels dance their victims—as well as their viewers—to the brink of exhaustion. And the villain brings the pace to a complete halt as he explains in great detail to one of his Angels exactly how the scheme works. Well, considering that the operation has been running for two years, hasn't she figured it out yet? Features some clips from other New Avengers episodes as a drugged Steed recalls his basic training. Hmmm, I should think he'd recall things from a much earlier time—but then again, his memories from the 60s are probably copyrighted...


The short-lived stage play of The Avengers was penned by Terence Feely and Brian Clemens.

 Best Line

Macnee gets to use a line he might have concocted himself: sitting under a heat lamp in full dress he explains, "Not hot enough. I like California, on one of their less-good summers."

In second place is Purdey, after Gambit breaks into the room where she is in traction: "Switch it off, or I'll be playing the Harlem Globetrotters!"

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Written by
Directed by

Terence Feely & Brian Clemens
Ernest Day

Full production credits


John Steed
Mike Gambit
Sally Manderson
Simon Carter
Colonel Tomson
Mrs. Pelbright

Patrick Macnee 007
Gareth Hunt
Joanna Lumley 007
Terence Alexander #
Caroline Munro 007
Michael Latimer #
Richard Gale
Lindsay Duncan
Pamela Stephenson
Dinsdale Landen #
Melissa Stribling #
Anthony Bailey #
Annette Lynton
Moira Foot
Christopher Driscoll
Hedger Wallace #
Jennie Goossens


Terence Alexander

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Anthony Bailey

House of Cards

Dinsdale Landen

All Done with Mirrors

Michael Latimer

A Touch of Brimstone
The Positive Negative Man

Melissa Stribling

Hunt the Man Down
School for Traitors

Hedger Wallace

Death Dispatch

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