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Duncan Macrae

Sir Ian Stuart-Bollinger, Esprit de Corps

by Pete Stampede

The unique, craggy-faced Duncan Macrae (1905-1967) is probably best recalled from the charming Ealing film The Kidnappers (The Little Kidnappers in the US), as the stern grandfather. But he also had a talent for barmy comedy, doing an act as a kilted loon in the Scottish music halls, and by all accounts, in real life he was Scotland's answer to all the great English eccentrics! A run of film and TV work towards the end of his life included a Surete man in the awful (still better than Austin Powers, though, IMHO!) Casino Royale, a dodgy nightclub owner in Dudley Moore's 30 Is a Dangerous Age, Cynthia, and the cruel Doctor in The Prisoner episode "Dance of the Dead."

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