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Steed faces the firing squad
Cathy becomes Pretender to the Throne

Production completed: 11 March 1964
UK Premiere (London, Season 3): 14 March 1964
US Premiere (A&E cable): ca. 5 April 1991

Major Steed returns to service in order to uncover the reason for a young man's inexplicable death: his body bore bullets from three different guns. Meantime, Cathy learns that she is of royal blood, and is in line to reclaim the throne as Queen Anne the Second! But the only way she'd reach the throne is if the Scots staged a coup...


Even if I understood the subtle political nuances, the story still lost momentum as the fateful hour approached, since the supposed coup was only evident by brief dialog between characters—not even a glimpse of one armed trooper (a bit of stock footage would have gone a long way, here). The welcome appearance of Roy Kinnear, as well as a marvelous little exchange between Steed and Cathy, did compensate, however.


Joyce Heron appeared in the Police Surgeon episode, "Smash But No Grab."

Susan Minobe notes that when Steed is questioning Lady Stuart-Bollinger about their adopted son, she mentions he's a bookmaker and mutters an almost "throw-away" line that has a lot of significance in Avengerlore: "We should never have sent him to Eton." (Its significance lies in the fact that Patrick Macnee was nearly thrown out of Eton for bookmaking...)

Some scenes were pre-recorded on 10 March 1964 in advance of the main recording.

 Best Line

Just prior to leaving her apartment to carry on sleuthing at the army base, Cathy asks Steed, "Anything you want to draw from stores?" Steed quips, "Yes, but—uh—I doubt if you'd issue it." (Honor almost bursts out laughing at Macnee's great delivery.)

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Eric Paice
David Marshall
Don Leaver

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John Steed
Cathy Gale
Sir Ian Stuart-Bollinger
Lady Dorothy Stuart-Bollinger
Private Jessop
Captain Trench
Mrs. Graig
Sergeant Marsh
Private Asquith
Highland Dancer

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Honor Blackman 007
Duncan Macrae 007
Joyce Heron
Roy Kinnear #
John Thaw
Pearl Catlin
Douglas Robinson #
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James Falkland
George Alexander
Tony Lambdon
George Macrae


Anthony Blackshaw

The Sell-Out
The Mauritius Penny
Super Secret Cypher Snatch

Roy Kinnear

The Hour That Never Was
The See-Through Man

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The Three-Handed Game

Douglas Robinson

The Decapod
Death on the Rocks
Man With Two Shadows

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