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Jackie Pallo

Sexton, Mandrake

by Pete Stampede

Jackie Pallo's name provides an instant nostalgia rush for those of us who spent early Saturday afternoons watching televised bouts of professional wrestling. With the nickname "Mr TV," Pallo was one of the most famous grapple'n'grunters, and Honor's knocking him out here didn't seem to do his career any harm. He even turned up on her This Is Your Life (1993), to show there were no hard feelings. Some years back, he wrote an autobiography claiming that most wrestling bouts were and are fixed (hmmm, what a surprise!). He also occasionally turned up on the appalling Are You Being Served?

A rare latter-day guest shot was in an East End-set episode of Return Of The Saint, "Tower Bridge is Falling Down" (ATV/ITC, 1978), also with Stanley Meadows, Neil Hallett, and Avengers doppelganger John Woodvine as chief villain. Few films included a stagebound film version of one of Ray Cooney's oh-no-where-are-my-trousers farces, Not Now Darling (1972), threatening the still-going-strong Leslie Phillips (who had, in another life, directed the unsuccessful stage play of The Avengers).

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