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Neil Hallett

Weber, Dead of Winter
Arnie Packer, The Winged Avenger
Paul Ryder, Get-A-Way!
Clifford, Faces
Roberts, Medium Rare

by Pete Stampede

Neil Hallett starred as a "two-fisted operative called Tony Miller" (according to Dave Rogers) in Ghost Squad, an early 60's series which proved highly popular then, but is quite forgotten now. Notably, Brian Clemens was its script editor, just before moving onto The Avengers, and future stunt arranger and director Ray Austin was another cast regular. Hallett never had another starring role, and later film roles for this seemingly very straight-laced actor were highly embarrassing: Virgin Witch (1971), Fun and Games/1,000 Men and a Woman (1972), Can You Keep It Up for a Week? (1973), Keep It Downstairs (1976)—the titles say it all! Worst of all, Austin directed the first two—at least he and Clemens got him work when they could, as shown by Hallett's frequent appearances in The New Avengers, as well as The Professionals, "Rogue" (1978). Other episodic television includes The Saint, "The People Importers" (1968), UFO, "Close Up" (1969), The Persuaders, "That's Me Over There" (1971) and The Sweeny, "One Of Your Own" (1978). His last work seems to have been an episode of Jeeves and Wooster (1990), after which he apparently retired to Spain.

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