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Cardew Robinson

Minister, The 50,000 Breakfast
Mr. Puffin, The Interrogators

by Pete Stampede and David K. Smith

Cardew Robinson was a tall, skinny, desperate-looking music hall comic, quite popular there and on radio. His act was as an elderly schoolboy called Cardew the Cad, at a school called St. Fanny's... well, it was the 50's. He can also be spotted (just about) for a split second in Alfie, during a pub brawl.

Born Douglas Robinson on 14 August 1923, his film career was dominated by bit parts, one of them being in Shirley Valentine featuring Joanna Lumley. His turns on The Avengers were among his very few notable TV guest spots. He died on 27 December 1992 of a bowel infection.

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