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Joanna Lumley    

Joanna Lumley

Purdey, The New Avengers, 1976-77

by David K. Smith

Born on 1 May 1946 (7:30 PM IST) in Srinagar, Kashmir, India, Joanna Lamond Lumley was the daughter of a high-born British military major. Upon moving to Britain in her teens, she trained as a dancer and, after failing her RADA audition, she did a modeling stint, although she was once told that she was "too fat and too ugly." One of her first acting opportunities was a bit part in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (a coincidence in that it starred Diana Rigg).

Her career followed in the same unremarkable vein for several years until she won the role of Purdey in The New Avengers, and the considerable effort it took to do so paid off by finally gaining her some decent exposure. Her career continued smoothly, if unspectacularly, until she wound up on the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous playing the notorious Patsy Stone, at which point critics and fans declared that she had staged a "comeback." Whether or not this was actually the case, her AbFab character nevertheless had become so popular that she was being imitated in TV commercials by John Cleese, and she has been quite busy ever since.

Joanna married comedy writer Jeremy Lloyd in 1971 and divorced soon after. Currently married to Steven Barlow, she is a vegetarian and an animal rights crusader, and has a son named Jamie.


  • BAFTA (2000) for The Avengers
  • BAFTA (1995) for Absolutely Fabulous
  • OBE (1995)


 Books available for purchase

  • Joanna Lumley in the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon
  • Girl Friday
  • Forces Sweetheart
  • Stare Back and Smile
  • Joanna Lumley: The Biography (Ewbank and Hildred)


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Mrs. Cheveley

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1984  Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler

1982  Noel and Gertie

Gertrude Lawrence

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1980  As You Like It

Amanda Prynne

1975  Othello


1975  The End of Me Old Cigar

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Miss Parkyn

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Voice of Maudeline

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Voice of Ermintrude

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Dame Olga

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Hostel Clerk

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Last in Line

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Elinor Glyn

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Voice of Half Tusk

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Morgan Le Fey

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Aunt Spiker

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Lady Helena Graves

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Voice of Annie

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Countess Chandra

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Fanny Hill

1970  The House That Dripped Blood

1969  On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The English Girl

1969  Some Girls Do

unbilled bit part


 Teleplays/TV Movies

2001  Masterpiece Theatre: The Cazalets (Producer)

2000  Mirrorball

Jackie Riviera

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Diana Carey-Lewis

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Voice of Tiger Lily

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Diana Carey-Lewis

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Patsy Stone

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1969  The Mark 2 Wife


 TV Series

1999  Willoughby M.D.

Donna Sinclair

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1998  The Forgotten Toys

1997  Joanna Lumley in the Kingdom of the Thunderdragon


1994  Class Act

Kate Swift

1994  Girl Friday


1992  Absolutely Fabulous

Patsy Stone

1992  A Perfect Hero (miniseries)

Loretta Stone

1991  Cluedo, a.k.a. Clue

Mrs. Peacock

1991  In Search of the White Rajahs (documentary)


1984  Mistral's Daughter

Lally Longbridge

1979  Sapphire and Steel


1976  The New Avengers


1973  Coronation Street

Elaine Perkins

1972  Call My Bluff

Regular panelist

1971  It's Awfully Bad For Your Eyes, Darling

Samantha Ryder-Ross

1965  Hector's House

Voice of Zsazsa the Cat


 TV Guest Appearances

2004  Agatha Christie's Marple

"The Body in the Library"

Dolly Bantry

2004  Top Gear


2004  The Late Show


2004  This Morning


2004  Parkinson


2003  My Dad's the Prime Minister

"The School Play"


2003  Richard & Judy


2002  Friday Night with Jonathan Ross


2001  This Hour has 22 Minutes

Herself (unbilled)

1999  Comic Relief, "Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death"

Herself, The 13th Doctor

1999  Parkinson

1999  Des O'Connor Tonight


1998  French and Saunders



1998  Ruby


1998  Late Lunch


1997  Clive and Anderson All Talk


1997  The Mrs. Merton Show


1996  Roseanne

"Satan, Darling"

Patsy Stone

1996  How To Be Absolutely Fabulous


1994  The Full Wax

Series 4, Program 2


1993  Saturday Zoo


1993  The Full Wax

Series 3, Program 1


1993  Comic Relief: Invasion of the Comic Tomatoes


1992  The Full Wax

Series 2, Program 1


1992  Lovejoy

"No Strings"

Victoria Cavero

1992  Lovejoy

"Out to Lunch"

Victoria Cavero

1992  Lovejoy

"Friends in High Places"

Victoria Cavero

1991  The Full Wax

Series 1, Program 4


1989  Wogan (talk show)

Guest Host

1988  Ruby's Celebrity Bash


1984  Alas Smith and Jones

Herself (unbilled)

1983  Children In Need

1983  The Kenny Everett Show

1981  The Morecambe & Wise Show


1977  Robin's Nest

Marion Nichols

1976  The Cuckoo Waltz


1975  Are You Being Served?

"German Week"

German Lady

1975  General Hospital

6 episodes

Flirty Patient

1973  Are You Being Served?

"His and Hers"

His/Her Girl

1972  Steptoe and Son

"Loathe Story"

Bunty Kennington-Stroud

Joanna Lumley on video

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