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Astor Sklair

Detective Sergeant Rogers, Hot Snow

by David K. Smith

For Astor Sklair, The Avengers was quite literally "just another acting job." Born 14 August 1927 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, Astor's acting career got its start in 1954 in weekly repertory, doing seasons in Oldham, Worcester, Bournemouth and so on, and also a few theatre tours. He broke into television acting in 1960, playing John Field in the children's serials Pathfinders in Space and Pathfinders to Mars. Shortly afterward he made his appearance in the premiere episode of The Avengers. Of that experience he writes:

I began The Avengers rehearsal on December 15th, 1960 for ABC TV. We rehearsed in the Regal Cinema, Twickenham. Rehearsals continued until we moved into Twickenham Studios for Camera Rehearsal on December 29th and recorded the show the following day (the 30th). The show was first shown in the North and Midlands on January 7th, 1961. The cast were all very friendly. I had worked previously with Ian Hendry in Police Surgeon, and I knew Catherine Woodville because she had been in a summer season with my wife in the Isle of Wight.

After reprising his role of John Field in Pathfinders to Venus (1961), he played a waiter in Home Tonight (1961), then slipped into television commercials. His last credited role was in The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre, "On the Run," in 1963. He gave up acting that year and went to work at the Spotlight Casting Directory under the name Paul Sinclair, where he spent thirty years giving advice to actors, assisting with casting, and liaising with agents. He also penned a script or two during that time, including 3-2-1: Vaudeville in 1982.

Now retired, he continues writing and interviewing old film actors for Movie Memories Magazine. He and his wife enjoy traveling, and have visited the United States many times.

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