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Nicholas Smith

Parker, Escape in Time
Lather, Super Secret Cypher Snatch

by Pete Stampede

Nicholas Smith's face and jug ears are indeed most familiar from Are You Being Served?, which ran for twelve long years from 1973, after a 1972 pilot (in black and white!) in the anthology show Comedy Playhouse. AYBS? is, IMHO, a truly dreadful series and I find its success in the US, and the popularity of a recent UK re-run after years of being forgotten here, totally bewildering. (Please, people, don't think that just because it's British it's automatically sophisticated! Tired old smut is the same the world over!) Smith was in the supporting cast of The Frost Report (1966-67) when it started, but was dropped after the first few shows—he was hardly in the same class as John Cleese and Ronnie Barker, after all. Other bit parts include Mel Brooks' The Twelve Chairs (1970) and The Sweeny, "Golden Fleece" (1975), in which it was a great pleasure to see him thrown into a swimming pool.

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