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Site History

Owing to a dearth of Avengers sites on the web back in the summer of 1996, I decided to post an episode guide for the Emma Peel era, and dubbed it The Avengers @ dsmith (such an original title). Email poured in asking for more, and I started adding some of the Cathy Gale series. But by early 1997 the site was exceeding the host's bandwidth limit, sometimes by more than double, and for this and other reasons it had to be taken down.

Things turned around when I launched my own business site on a new host in the summer of 1998, whereupon Jackie "Diabolical Masterminds" Lane urged me to re-launch my old Avengers site. I'm grateful that she did. And thanks also to Frances Lash, who didn't even like the site much at first, for suggesting the concept of an encyclopędia.

After years of success and accolades, I decided the site needed its own unique domain, and founded TheAvengers.TV. Originally intended to be the new "front door" for The Avengers Forever, it instead became the gateway to a family of websites. This change of plan was inspired by the plight of Alan and Alys Hayes, who had suffered two "free host" shutdowns. Rather than risk losing their wonderful site, I offered to host it alongside TAF. TheAvengers.TV has since gone on to serve as the new, permanent home for many other very fine Avengers sites.

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