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Site Sigevents: 1996-2017

For the trivia-minded with nothing better to do, here are Avengers Forever website highlights during the course of its lifetime.

September 1996: Site launched. Starting with a whopping three pages, it was up to a baker's dozen by December and looked like this. At the time, the World Wide Web was only 2-3 years old, making TAF a "very old" website today, relatively speaking.

August 1998: After moving to a new server, the site was completely rebuilt and looked like a cross between the original and present versions. Page count jumped to about 100 as I began placing episode reviews on individual pages.

October 1998: By this time the (original series) episode guide was complete, even featuring "The Frighteners." The New Avengers episode guide wouldn't be finished for another year.

November 1998: Patricia English, who appeared in "Mission to Montreal," "The Secrets Broker" and "Never, Never Say Die," paid the site a visit. See special visitors page if you'd like to contact her. Also this month the site received the last significant redesign, and has changed very little since then (although the HTML was later rewritten from the ground up).

January 1999: Added a review page for "The Strange Case of the Missing Corpse," complete with images.

May 1999: Pete Stampede, author of most of the marvelous guest actor biographies, joined The Avengers Forever.

June 1999: With the kind assistance of Joseph Lloyd, The Young Avengers was launched. Also this month the much-anticipated Avenging Vehicles and utterly monstrous (over 2,000 entries!) Guest Actor Directory were added.

October 1999: A new frame grabber, some industrial-grade image editing software, and more spare time than I'll ever have again allowed me to create the unique Flats pages.

November 1999: With the addition of "The Three-Handed Game," the episode guides were 100% complete, and the site passed the 500 page mark. Plus, On Location was added to give fans some glimpses of shooting locations as they are today.

December 1999: Originally conceived just to help me get a grip on the perplexing broadcast season issue, the Avengers Timeline went online to help others do the same.

January 2000: The International Scene was born, which continues to help bring together fans from all over the world.

February 2000: The doors were opened for Visitor Reviews.

June 2000: Nameless Faces was created to help connect said faces with their heretofore unknown names. The page originally included Stuntmen and Extras, which were soon split off.

July 2000: Canal+ suddenly took notice of the site and demanded that their copyright mark be added to all of the 700-some screen grabs (a task that took nearly three years to complete).

March 2001: TheAvengers.TV was born. At the time, it was intended to be the new domain for this site. But events conspired to inspire the creation of a whole new entity: a gateway to an Avengers community that would eventually embrace seven websites by five webmasters.

September 2001: Five years old! And upon the anniversary, I turned the day-to-day management of The Avengers Forever over to Alan Hayes so that I could focus on other things.

April 2002: After being managed by Alan Hayes for seven months, TAF was finally re-launched with a site-wide makeover and many new features.

July 2002: The Avengers Forever spawned a new little website: Police Surgeon, the internet's only site (and very likely to remain so) dedicated to the predecessor of The Avengers.

November 2002: Grant Goggans' reviews moved to The Avengers Forever. With the demise of The Young Avengers, TAF re-acquired Joseph Lloyd's reviews, bringing total page count to over 1,000. And we posted the internet's first review of "Girl on the Trapeze."

March 2003: An image created by Yours Truly has made it into print. It appears in the book, Reading Between Designs: Visual Imagery and the Generation of Meaning in The Avengers, The Prisoner, and Doctor Who by Piers Britton and Simon Barker, which can be purchased from the University of Texas Press online bookstore.

April 2005: TheAvengers.TV acquired a new member: Ian Duerden's fabulous The Avengers Artland. As was the case with many of the other members, it was a matter of preservation—Ian's site was quickly outgrowing his old host, and rather than let him squeeze it or even close it, we gave Ian the room to let it grow and flourish.

July 2006: Became the exclusive source of M.P. Warren's outstanding Avengers novels.

July 2008: An extraordinary find is now an exclusive document at TAF—an eleven-page scene-by-scene plan of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station." And now, for the first time, we can read it under its original working title: OVERKILL

September 2008: Twelve years on the internet!



September 2016: Two decades on the internet!



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