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15 December 2006: "The Curious Case of the Missing Episode" has been solved! The episode is named "Diplomatic Immunity." See the episode list for the details. With many thanks, once again, to Pete Stampede for his relentless pursuit of the missing episode. Well done, Pete!

6 January 2006: Many thanks once again to Pete Stampede for additional TV Times scans with the cast list of "A Home of Her Own," which has at long last allowed me to complete the full cast list for the entire series.

22 May 2005: Copious thanks to Pete Stampede for a stack of TV Times scans that have provided the full cast list (and a corrected title!) for "Under the Influence...?" and "Smash But No Grab," which also resulted in a greatly expanded Cast list. With the former came many changes to The Avengers Forever, where it was previously believed that Edwin Richfield had appeared, when in fact it was Bernard Archard; however, it also brought the addition of Avengers guest appearance record-holder Norman Chappell. Finally, Pete has chimed in with his explanation for the "13th episode mystery."

4 May 2005: Copious thanks to Alan Avengers on the Radio Hayes for an official series caption card, which now graces the home page, and an article penned by producer Julian White. The latter substantially reshaped the series History, added two guest stars to the Cast, and re-ignited the "13th episode mystery."

27 December 2002: Confirmed that Avengers guester Edwin Richfield did indeed appear in Police Surgeon; it was then a matter of figuring out which one. By process of elimination and some guesswork, "Under the Influence...?" seems to make the most sense.

2 August 2002: The TV Chronicles website has merged with a site called Memorable TV, and the Police Surgeon page, plus many others I imagine, have been stripped out. It seems the webmaster is now trying to make money by selling the additional content on a CD-ROM. (Good luck...) So, my timing was perfect—had I not seen that page a month ago, I might not have created this website.

15 July 2002: Missed Avengers Guesters Robert Russell ("Easy Money" and "Wilful Neglect") and Patsy Smart ("Lag on the Run"). With thanks to CJT.

9 July 2002: At Mike Noon's suggestion, the episode list has been reordered, placing "You Won't Feel a Thing" after "A Home of Her Own." While this contradicts most books and guides, the best evidence so far suggests that "You Won't Feel a Thing" was preempted on 15 October and rescheduled for 29 October.

8 July 2002: Full cast lists added to "Sunday Morning Story," "Three's a Crowd," "Man Overboard," "Operation Mangle" and "The Bigger They Are," plus two period features on John Warwick have been transcribed, with thanks to Mike Noon.

7 July 2002: All episode synopses (save for "Easy Money") now match documents that ABC Television released to TV Times and other publications. With thanks to Chris Johnson. Also, with all the chatter of a possible 13th episode, a summary of the best information available so far has been added to the Episodes page.

6 July 2002: Added four episode synopses from TV Times listings and made several corrections, with thanks to Alan Hayes. Added all transmission dates, with thanks to Chris Johnson. Added a link to the Canadian series of the same name to the History page; also added links to The Mausoleum Club and Missing Episodes Forum on the Links page.

5 July 2002: Site launch. Started with raw materials gleaned from the TV Chronicles website, added expanded cast lists and other details from TV Times listings, plus several images courtesy of Alan Hayes.

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