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Norman Chappell
Dance with Death (David Keel)
Dead of Winter (David Keel)
The Gilded Cage (Cathy Gale)
Dial a Deadly Number (Emma Peel monochrome)
Murdersville (Emma Peel color)
Fog (Tara King)

Edwin Richfield
Girl on the Trapeze (David Keel)
The Removal Men (Cathy Gale)
The White Elephant (Cathy Gale)
Too Many Christmas Trees (Emma Peel monochrome)
Dead Man's Treasure (Emma Peel color)
All Done with Mirrors (Tara King)

Gerald Sim
The Radioactive Man (David Keel)
Mission to Montreal (Cathy Gale)
The Wringer (Cathy Gale)
Dial a Deadly Number (Emma Peel monochrome)
The Rotters (Tara King)
The Lion and the Unicorn (The New Avengers)


Frank Gatliff
One for the Mortuary (David Keel)
The Sell-Out (Cathy Gale)
A Chorus of Frogs (Cathy Gale)
Love All (Tara King)
The Eagle's Nest (The New Avengers)

Neil Hallett
Dead of Winter (David Keel)
The Winged Avenger (Emma Peel color)
Get-A-Way! (Tara King)
Faces (The New Avengers)
Medium Rare (The New Avengers)

Robert James
Hot Snow (David Keel)
Brought to Book (David Keel)
Death la Carte (Cathy Gale)
Too Many Christmas Trees (Emma Peel monochrome)
Look - (stop me if you've heard this one)... (Tara King)

Philip Madoc
The Decapod (Cathy Gale)
Six Hands Across A Table (Cathy Gale)
Death of a Batman (Cathy Gale)
The Correct Way to Kill (Emma Peel color)
My Wildest Dream (Tara King)


The episode with the greatest number of doppelgangers is "All Done with Mirrors" (Tara King), which has thirteen; the runner-up is "Mission to Montreal" (Cathy Gale) with ten. Quite a few have nine.

Two episodes have all-doppelganger casts: "The Cybernauts" and "The Joker."

Only one episode has none, "Man in the Mirror" (Cathy Gale). This excludes The New Avengers, where several episodes have no doppelgangers due mostly to being overseas productions.


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