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The original subtitle of this episode was: "In which Steed finds a town full of strangers - and Emma teaches school." Courtesy of Jaz Wiseman (who has access to Roy Baker's original shooting script).

Note that the swordplay device in the opening, right down to a line of dialog ("Not enough flexibility in the wrist"), was pinched for the dreadful movie. That's Rocky Taylor playing Steed in the swordfight with Emma, by the way.

After appearing in two more episodes, guest actor Jeremy Burnham went on to write five Tara King episodes. After appearing on one more episode, Patrick Newell became a regular cast member, playing Mother in the Tara King era.

Robert Allen notes that the model airplanes hanging around in Piggy Warren's bar make a repeat appearance in "Death at Bargain Prices." In both instances we see the same four models, all built from Airfix kits: Junkers Ju 88A, Heinkel He 111H, Douglas Boston Mk.III, and Handley Page Halifax Mk.III.

Margaret Warren explains the meaning of the quips exchanged between Steed and Emma after discovering their fabric-challenged towels at the inn. Steed holds up his towel (see the first image) and remarks, "Hole in one." Emma enters, holding up a similar towel, and announces, "Hole in both. No hot water, either. As for the sea breezes, well, I shall have to take a couple of reefs in my bedclothes tonight." "A couple of reefs" is a nautical term meaning "to shorten sail", that is, folding the sail to make it smaller, which is typically done in high winds, perhaps suggesting it is breezy in her room. Steed then advises, "We must be prepared to make concessions, my dear. Back to nature!" And Emma replies, "Well, you might have warned me. I'd have packed my pot of woad." "Woad" is a blue dye prepared from the powdered and fermented leaves of Isatis tinctoria. Ancient Britons used to dye themselves with woad, apparently in an effort to spook invaders and look generally terrifying. Emma is probably suggesting that, like some pre-civilised Briton, she might be expected to go starkers and paint herself blue!

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