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"Big Bruno" Elrington (a professional wrestler appearing with Jackie Pallo on Saturday afternoon TV) was unbilled as Gozzo in "All Done with Mirrors" and later received credit as Choy in "The Midas Touch." Elrington has but one film credit according to the IMDb: The Nine Ages of Nakedness (1969), a film by George Harrison Marks, who apparently also made The Naked World of Harrison Marks (1965) which is listed as fantasy.

The late Romo Gorrara was the badly made-up guard (unbilled, left) in "Room Without a View." He's also been spotted in "The Girl from Auntie," "The Danger Makers," "The Correct Way to Kill," "The 50,000 Breakfast" and as Gregor in "Legacy of Death." Outside of The Avengers, he was credited on The Saint, "Escape Route" (1966) and the original Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), "Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying?" (1969). He also did stunts for Tomorrow Never Dies (with his name misspelled).

Richard Graydon, who was George Reed in "Honey for the Prince," did stunts on several of the early Bonds, playing Draco's driver in On Her Magesty's Secret Service for example, before eventually getting a credit on Octopussy as a circus act loon called Francisco the Fearless.

In his autobiography Stunt Man, the pioneering Hollywood stunter Yakima Canutt described Alf Joint as "one of the world's great high fallers." Joint's movie work includes Where Eagles Dare and Kelly's Heroes, while for TV he devised and performed (doubling for Eric Porter's Moriarty) the climactic plunge in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes "The Final Problem," for Jeremy Brett's Granada series. He was credited as the Big Man in "A Touch of Brimstone."

Frank Maher was credited with appearances in "November Five," "Dressed to Kill," "The Little Wonders" and "You Have Just Been Murdered." He was Patrick McGoohan's stunt double on The Prisoner, and also made appearances in Blake's 7 and The Persuaders, "The Man in the Middle."

Valentino Musetti received billing (sometimes as Valentine) in "The Decapod," "Death la Carte," "The Secrets Broker," "The Outside-In Man" and "Lobster Quadrille," all Cathy Gale episodes, although he likely appeared in many more than this. Coincidentally he appeared in The Professionals ("Kickback") alongside fellow stunter Marc Boyle, and in Batman.

Rocky Taylor often doubled for Patrick Macnee. He received billing as Mitchell in "Escape in Time" (ironic, as Mitchell was actually playing Steed's "double" in the episode!) and as the Cybernaut in "The Last of the Cybernauts...??" More recent film credits include Titanic, Tomorrow Never Dies, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Batman. Rocky also has a website.

Paul Weston also often doubled for Patrick Macnee, and took over stunting for him after Rocky Taylor (above) left. Unbilled as a policeman in "Murdersville," Paul's greatest claim to Avengers fame is probably the fact that he appeared as Peter Peel in "The Forget-Me-Knot." Paul is still very busy and has worked on numerous major motion pictures including Octopussy, The Living Daylights, License to Kill, Aliens and Raiders of the Lost Ark.


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