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Episode 82: Emma Peel Era
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Steed: "I'll have a gross of these. On account."
Kane: "You two make such a nice couple."
Steed: "Why carry a gun when you can have one of these?"

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MoranJarvisKane (uncertain)WentworthSteed carries but does not use his gun



French: "Mort en magasin"

German: "Ausverkauf des Todes"

Italian: "Corsa contro il tempo"

Spanish: "La Muerte A Precios Regalados"

Dutch: "Moord tegen opruimingsprijzen"



What's available?
Where to buy?


Steed Fights in Ladies' Underwear
Emma Tries 'Feinting'

Produced: ca. 25 January to 17 February 1965
UK Transmission (London): 21 October 1965
US Transmission (New York): 11 April 1966

Diabolical Masterminds (click to see category list)An ordinary department store receipt found on a dead agent is a clue in the case of a missing scientist. With Emma posing as a store clerk and Steed as an efficiency expert, they uncover an extraordinary plot to erase London from the map with an atom bomb hidden in the store.


This episode is a winner in all departments, especially that of diabolical mastermind. The fight sequence gets off to a classically goofy start in the toy department with a pop gun, mutates briefly into a cricket match played with knives, and concludes with the premiere of Emma's trademark ballet-like "feinting." The race to stop the elevator from tripping the bomb is a real nail-biter. And Steed has one of the very best lines of all time. Outstanding direction courtesy of none other than Charles Crichton.


This episode is a favorite of Patrick Macnee's.

It is ironic that Andre Morell's character, Horatio Kane, should be so adverse to "modern techniques" (save for atom bombs), when his character in "Death of a Batman" held quite the opposite view—that the country would fail without the success of the most advanced technology businesses.

Stranger than fiction: Courtesy of the original UK broadcast order, this makes two episodes in a row that the mastermind is in a wheelchair—with his legs covered by a plaid blanket no less! It is also that rarest of episodes in which Steed caries a gun, although he does not have occasion to use it.

Mark H. Stevens suspects that, when Emma notes whoever buys the china for the store can't distinguish between "Bates and Royal Crichton," it's a sly reference to fashion designer John Bates and director Charles Crichton...

Dennis Oliver and wife point out that, for the benefit of Dr. Who fans, there are several Dalek toys (one on the wall and two on the table). And Mike Noon adds that, as well as the various Dalek toys, Steed and Mrs. Peel converse with one another through puppets from the Gerry Anderson Supermarionation Series, Fireball XL5—she is Venus, he is Steve Zodiac.

Pablo Alonso from Argentine notes that this episode bears some similarities to Get Smart's first season episode, "Our Man in Toyland" (a coincidence as the episode first aired in the US on 9 October 1965). The villains uses a department store for their purposes, the leading lady infiltrates working as a saleswoman, and children's toys are used during a fight.

Gregory A. McVey-Russell observes that Peter Howell, who played Professor Popple, also played The Professor in the Prisoner episode, "The General." In both cases he played professors that were drugged and otherwise coerced to do the bidding of their captors.

Robert Allen notes that the model airplanes Emma is arranging in the toy department make a repeat appearance in "The Town of No Return." In both instances we see the same four models, all built from Airfix kits: Junkers Ju 88A, Heinkel He 111H, Douglas Boston Mk.III, and Handley Page Halifax Mk.III.

 Best Scene

Steed and Emma visit the maternity department, where the clerk mistakes them for proud parents. (Emma: "I think baby's too big.")

 Best Line

Steed finds Emma in the lingerie department and remarks, "I asked the chief predator where to find you and he said, 'Our Mrs. Peel is in ladies' underwear.' I rattled up the stairs three at a time." (Quite possibly the best line of the entire series.)


Steed and Emma wheel away on stolen bicycles.



Teleplay by
Directed by

Brian Clemens
Charles Crichton

Full production credits


John Steed
Emma Peel
Horatio Kane
Professor Popple

Patrick Macnee The 007 Connection
Diana Rigg The 007 Connection
Andre Morell*
T.P. McKenna*
Allan Cuthbertson*
George Selway
Harvey Ashby*
John Cater*
Peter Howell
Ronnie Stevens
Diane Clare



Arthur Gross


Harvey Ashby

The Decapod

John Cater

The Nutshell
The Living Dead

Allan Cuthbertson

The Deadly Air
Death's Door
Super Secret Cypher Snatch

T.P. McKenna

Trojan Horse
Noon Doomsday

Andre Morrell

Death of a Batman

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