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THE AVENGERS - Emma Peel Monochrome

2 October 1965 to 23 March 1966

Produced by

Julian Wintle

In Charge of Production

Albert Fennell

Associate Producer

Brian Clemens

Music by

Laurie Johnson

Story Editor

Brian Clemens


Lionel Banes, BSC
Alan Hume
Ernest Steward, BSC
Gilbert Taylor, BSC
Gerry Turpin

Art Directors

Harry Pottle
Robert Jones

Film Editors

Richard Best
Peter Tanner
Lionel Selwyn

Production Manager

Geoffrey Haine

Assistant Directors

Richard Dalton
Frank Hollands
Claude Watson

Camera Operators

James Bawden
Godfrey Godar
Val Stewart
Ronnie Taylor
Tony White

Casting Director

G.B. Walker


June Randall


George Blackler


Pearl Orton


Jackie Jackson

Sound Editors

Jack T. Knight
Ken Rolls
Bert Rule
Lionel Selwyn

Sound Recorder

Simon Kaye

Dubbing Mixer

Len Abbot

Recording Director

A.W. Lumkin

Stunt Arranger

Ray Austin

Diana Rigg's wardrobe designed by
and her shoes by

John Bates
Edward Rayne

Fashion Consultant

Anne Trehearne


John Steed
Emma Peel

Patrick Macnee
Diana Rigg

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