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The "grunts" of the industry, stuntmen had the riskiest jobs while receiving little or no credit. This is just a partial listing. Also see the Nameless Faces page for other unsung heroes.

Ray Austin, Stunt Arranger for the Emma Peel era and later Director of several Tara King and New Avengers episodes, made his only credited onscreen appearance as Baron in "The Gravediggers." Doubtless he can be seen in many other episodes—one example is as the Dead Milkman in "The Hour That Never Was."

Stuntman and occasional bit player Peter Brace was Percy Danvers in "The Bird Who Knew Too Much" and Potterton in "Target!," both unbilled. (And owing to the use of recycled footage, he can also be seen in "Homicide and Old Lace.") He's done stunt work for films such as Batman and Raiders of the Lost Ark; bit parts include an appearance in the pilot episode of The Prisoner.

Alan Chuntz, a busy stuntman of the time, received credit as Selby in "Never, Never Say Die." He was one of a group called HAVOC who arranged and performed action sequences for Doctor Who amongst others. 

Peter Clay, a fairly regular extra/double, received credit as the Sergeant in "Mission... Highly Improbable" but has also been spotted (unbilled) in "Escape in Time" and "Murdersville" amongst others. One of his few notable appearances was in an episode of Upstairs, Downstairs.

Stuntman/extra Billy Cornelius, the tribesman who got the jump on Emma in "Small Game for Big Hunters," also turns up as Martin in "From Venus With Love" amongst others. Elsewhere he appeared in a couple of Doctor Who episodes as well as several Carry Ons playing the likes of Morok Guard, Man with Salad and Patient in Plaster.

One of the stunt arrangers for the original series, Joe Dunne was, amongst many other things, tossed down 365 stairs in "All Done with Mirrors." I also think (not certain, mind you) that he is the chap holding up the board for Jephcott to break in "The Cybernauts." Billed as Hardy in "Sleeper," Joe has been a very busy fellow, with over 100 film and television credits.

Peter J. Elliott (IMDb profile) was a stuntman/actor who saw very frequent use throughout the color Rigg era, receiving credit as the Attendant in "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station," the Second Guest in "Dead Man's Treasure" and Williams in "You Have Just Been Murdered," and he has been spotted in "The Fear Merchants," "Escape in Time," "The See-Through Man," "The Hidden Tiger" "Who's Who???" amongst others. An Olympic high-diving champion, Peter also sometimes doubled for Diana Rigg—for instance, he performed her diving stunt in "The Bird Who Knew Too Much."


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