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Death's Door
By Rodney Marshall

I sat down to re-watch this episode recently with my father who is not—generally speaking—a great fan of the colour Rigg series. We both enjoyed it and it is a rare colour outing in that it tries to stay within the realms of possibility, however surreal and unlikely the plot might seem.

The dream sequences work really well, even better than in "Too Many Christmas Trees," partly because colour makes them seem more vivid. The faceless men, the grinning Becker and the guillotine chandelier are particularly disturbing. The first scene in the warehouse is wonderful, with Mrs. Peel greeting Steed in her faceless, gun-toting garb. Clifford Evans is impeccable, as he was in "Dial a Deadly Number." Add into the mixer the scenes involving the brake failure on the hill, Becker's firing range and Steed's fight with Stapley around the conference table and one can safely say that few episodes contain more memorable moments. First class entertainment and IMHO as good as it gets in the second Rigg season.

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