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Steed and Emma do some wine tasting in a London taxi. Amazed by Emma's abilities, Steed asks, "Nose or palate?" Emma: "Eyes... I read the label."

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Steed Plays Bulls and Bears
Emma Has No Option

Produced: 11 January to c 22 January 1965
UK Premiere (London, Season 4): 3 December 1965
US Premiere (New York, Season 1): Scheduled for 21 July 1966, moved to 24 July

Key businessmen are dropping dead from heart failure, causing tremors in the world of high finance. The trail twists its way via bankers and brokers with "bleepers" to an extremely creepy "back room boy" named Fitch, a man with a fetish for clocks... and killing.


Sharp and clever, with some of the best dialog of the series, this is a rare episode in that Steed carries a gun—and uses it. There's wine tasting, power moves and promiscuous bankers' wives. And did you notice the very curious scene with a short series of close-ups of a large stuffed fish? "It was quite a killing..."


"Bleepers" are the early incarnation of the modern pager. They are shaped like a thick pen and, out of the plot's necessity, worn in the jacket breast pocket—right over the heart. (Good thing all the victims were men...)

You'll note the odd US airdate for this episode. Normally the show ran on Mondays at 10 PM (replacing Ben Casey). This episode was moved to Thursday at 10 PM, replacing The Baron for reasons unknown.

Steed's Aunties: Steed remarks of his watch, which was a bequest from an uncle, that the case was dented during the battle of the Somme in W.W.I. Emma: "German bullet?" Steed: "Canadian mule." (Wonder if this was Uncle Joe, who left him a solid gold toothpick in "The £50,000 Breakfast"...)

 Best Scene

Not to be missed is the wine tasting competition, one of the all-time best scenes, and source of the best line. More tension here with two glasses of plonk than any pistol duel ever filmed.

 Best Line

After Steed finally nails the wine's identity in the wine tasting "duel," he adds, "From the northern end of the vineyard." (Cue the opponent's monocle to fall out.)

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Teleplay by
Directed by

Roger Marshall
Don Leaver

Full production credits


John Steed
Emma Peel
Henry Boardman
Ruth Boardman
Ben Jago
John Harvey
Frederick Yuill
The General

Patrick Macnee 007
Diana Rigg 007
Clifford Evans #
Jan Holden #
Anthony Newlands #
John Carson #
Peter Bowles #
Gerald Sim #
Michael Trubshawe #
Norman Chappell #
John Bailey #
Edward Cast



Tina Packer
Billy Cornelius


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