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John Tate

Willie, Killer Whale
Colonel Wesker, Build a Better Mousetrap

by Stephen La Riviere

Born in Australia in 1914, John Tate was probably best known for his role in the 50s Australian soap Dynasty. In the sixties he moved to England where he made a number of appearances in television series such as The Saint, Danger Man, Man of the World, The Champions and Department S.

He also voiced many guest stars in Thunderbirds including Solarnaut Camp in "Sun Probe" and Blackmer in "Attack of the Alligators"—the latter is one of Thunderbirds' most memorable episodes as real alligators appeared alongside the marionettes! But for some strange reason Tate never received credit for his work on the show.

Further credits included The Baron, Strange Report, The Troubleshooters and The Power Game. He also appeared in numerous films such as On the Beach, The Day of the Triffids and It's All Happening.

In March 1979 Tate died at his home on the Isle of Wight.

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