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What does "Eee-urp" mean? It's a nonsense term written for a comic strip character in "The Winged Avenger." Eee-urp is such an unexpectedly bizarre and inexplicably hysterical utterance, particularly when delivered by Steed, that many fans have adopted it as a greeting.

Are there Avengers conventions? There have been and (as far as I know) will be no Avengers conventions. There is, however, an annual event held in Great Britain called the "Dead Man's Treasure Hunt."

What fan clubs can I join? Not much to offer on this topic.

Are there any plans for a new movie? I know of no new film project.

I'd like to read some fan fiction. Start here.

I'm looking for the theme/music/clips in MP3/wav/etc... Try The Avengers Soundpage, if it's still up. There are no sound files here at TAF.

Where can I get copies of Diana Rigg's silent short films Das Diadem and Minikillers? You're on your own here. If you absolutely must have them, eBay may be your best bet. It is rumored there is one "commercial" source, but they are selling extremely poor-quality bootlegs at exorbitant prices. Besides, the films are, to be honest, embarrassingly dreadful—no wonder Diana Rigg does not publicly acknowledge their existence; the reason for her doing them has been a source of considerable speculation.

Where can I get copies of episodes of Diana? Several episodes—as well as clips thereof—are known to exist floating around various places such as eBay and YouTube as bootlegs. The episode with Patrick Macnee is reportedly among them.

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