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I recall an introduction with a chessboard—why isn't it on the videos? When the series was first exported to America, the producers decided to tack on an introduction—referred to as the "chessboard intro"—to help new viewers understand what they were watching. This sequence does not appear on most videos because they were made from the original UK masters, which did not have the US chessboard intro; however, it has appeared as an extra on several DVDs, such as A&E's Emma Peel mega-set re-release (R1, North America).

What books should I read about the show? Unfortunately none of the available books are outstanding, but a few are quite adequate. Many of the most popular and widely available books are reviewed here.

Where can I get an Avengers T-shirt? Very few Avengers T-shirts exist, and they can be difficult to obtain, principally because most are unlicensed.

Where can I obtain Avengers-type clothing? Poke around on the internet—there are shops in London that still sell classic bowlers and brollies (James Smith and Sons as an example). It's a good idea to keep your eye on eBay.

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