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Frequently asked questions ("most frequently asked" are in boldface)—click the question marks for the answers.

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General questions about The Avengers television series

  • What's the show about?
  • Who created the series?
  • Where did the name The Avengers come from?
  • Where was it produced and broadcast?
  • How long did the series run?
  • When and why did the series end?
  • Who owns the rights to the series?
  • Who did the music for the show?
  • Who designed the fashions?
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Questions about episodes

  • How many episodes were made?
  • Are there any missing or lost episodes?
  • Does any of the Elizabeth Shepherd footage still exist?
  • I'm new to the series. Which episodes should I watch first?
  • What's this I hear about a banned episode?
  • What is "The Strange Case of the Missing Corpse"?
  • Why was the "Tara Tickle Torture" scene deleted?
  • Why isn't "The Forget-Me-Knot" listed as the last Emma Peel episode?
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Questions about the characters and cast

  • For whom does John Steed work?
  • How many partners did Steed have?
  • Who came up with the name "Emma Peel"?
  • What cars did the characters drive?
  • What were the characters' addresses?
  • Why was Elizabeth Shepherd let go?
  • What else has Patrick Macnee appeared in?
  • What else has Diana Rigg appeared in?
  • Why did Diana Rigg leave the series?
  • How do I write to Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg, etc.?
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Miscellaneous questions

  • What does "Eee-urp" mean?
  • Are there Avengers conventions?
  • What fan clubs can I join?
  • Are there any plans for a new movie?
  • Are there other Avengers websites?
  • I'd like to read some fan fiction.
  • I'm looking for the theme/music/clips in MP3/wav/etc...
  • Where can I get copies of Diana Rigg's silent short films Das Diadem and Minikillers?
  • Where can I get copies of episodes of Diana?
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Questions about Avengers-related merchandise

  • What Avengers-related merchandise is available?
  • What episodes are available on VHS and DVD?
  • Where can I purchase tapes and DVDs?
  • I recall an introduction with a chessboard—why isn't it on the videos?
  • What books should I read about the show?
  • Is the music from the series available on CD?
  • Where can I get an Avengers T-shirt?
  • Where can I obtain Avengers-type clothing?
  • Are any of the costume articles used by the actors available?
  • I have some Avengers merchandise to sell—what should I do?
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Questions about Avengers DVDs

  • Which of the many different DVD sets should I buy?
  • How can I get a copy of the "chessboard intro"?
  • Are there any plans for more "mega" box sets?
  • Are there any plans to VidFire the Cathy Gale episodes?
  • Will Contender re-master and re-release the R2 color Emma Peel DVDs?
  • When will the last of the Cathy Gale episodes be released by A&E?
  • Will anyone release the David Keel episodes?
  • Why are A&E's Tara King episodes so poor in quality?
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Questions about this website

  • What do you use to build the pages?
  • What do you use to capture the images?
  • How do you process the images?
  • Why don't any of the images link to larger ones?
  • Why do you pay for web space when you can get it for free?
  • Why is there a big brown stripe down the right side of every page?
  • There used to be a visitor voting system. What happened to it?
  • What's your hit rate?
  • What awards have you won?
  • How long has the site been on the internet?
  • How long did it take for you to create the site?
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Questions asked of the webmaster

  • Where do you live?
  • Why do you like the show so much?
  • What are your favorite episodes?
  • Do you think Steed and Emma/Cathy/Tara "did it"?
  • Why don't you publish a book on the show?
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Requests made of the webmaster

  • Can I get copies of the episodes from you?
  • Can I use some of your images, graphics, etc., on my site?
  • Can I get my Avengers site added to TheAvengers.TV gateway?
  • Can I get the email address from you for [name that actor, stuntman, producer, etc.]?

For lots more facts and figures, see AvengerLore, AvengerMyths and the Trivia Quiz.

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