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Which of the many different DVD sets should I buy? The answer will vary depending on your location, your available video gear, and your preferences for content and quality. There are several distributors of Avengers DVD products in various markets. READ MORE

How can I get a copy of the "chessboard intro"? The hotly-sought "chessboard intro" from the Emma Peel monochrome season is featured on A&E's "Best of The Original Avengers."

Are there any plans for more "mega" box sets? In addition to the reissued "Emma Peel Megaset" from A&E (R1), Canal+ has reissued the entire series in France (R2) in five megasets, one for each season. No other plans have been announced by anyone regarding any new megasets.

Are there any plans to VidFire the Cathy Gale episodes? Considering the costs involved, it is highly unlikely that this will happen. For those unfamiliar with the term, VidFire refers to a special process by which a filmed transcript of a video recording (or kinescope) is made to look more like the original video. Although some people are quite enthusiastic about the effect, it is not to everyone's liking.

Will Contender re-master and re-release the R2 Emma Peel DVDs? Given that their license to distribute Avengers products has expired, this will not be happening. The new license holder, however, is supposedly working on all-new masters.

When will the last of the Cathy Gale episodes be released by A&E? A&E have lived up to their word and released the last set. Both Canal+ and A&E have released every Avengers episode known to exist. The New Avengers is also available on R1 and R2. READ MORE

Will anyone release the David Keel episodes? Both Canal+ and A&E have released the rare, two-and-one-third surviving David Keel episodes. A&E included them in the reissued Emma Peel Megaset on a bonus disc (available separately).

Why are A&E's Tara King episodes so poor in quality? A&E are not responsible for the quality of their Avengers products. They do not own any prints, negatives or digital masters from which to make the videos. Their products are derived from masters supplied to them by the copyright holder, Canal+. So please stop blaming A&E for the poor quality of the Tara King episodes.

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