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The Best of Emma Peel

Too Many Christmas Trees: More than any other episode, this one is imbued with that "warm and fuzzy" feeling between Steed and Emma of which I simply cannot get enough. I live for the tag scene!

The Gravediggers: The train theme and the nutty Sir Horace Winslip make this one a winner for me—especially the goofy sequence as Steed rescues Emma from the rails of doom.

A Touch of Brimstone: Yes, there's no better Emma-watching to be found, but it's also a great episode all around. Steed removing the pea before the fall of the axe is but one of many winning scenes.

A Surfeit of H2O: Features a bumper crop of the most memorable oddball characters and scenes ever created. Steed's soliloquy on Buttercup Wine is worth it alone.

Dial a Deadly Number: Chock full of the sharpest dialog of the series. Look for some experimental editing. And revel in a duel to end all duels.

The Cybernauts: In spite of a clichéd story line and dated technobabble, the first Avengers episode to air in the U.S. still leaves a lasting impression—in more ways than one.

The Hidden Tiger: Charming is an understatement. Some unforgettable lines and a bevy of double-entendres. "Pussies galore" indeed!

Who's Who???: Not only do we get to enjoy Steed and Emma kissing (never mind that they were out of their minds) but their alter-persona make some wonderful comments about one another.

Death's Door: One of the few color episodes possessed of a monochrome-era feel. Surreal, gripping and effective.

The Joker: A more disturbingly diabolical mastermind than Max Predergast there never was. Steed limping to the rescue is terminally romantic.

Ten? Just ten? But what about The Town of No Return, Death at Bargain Prices, Honey for the Prince, The Hour That Never Was, Castle De'ath, What the Butler Saw, The Master Minds, Murdersville, Mission....Highly Improbable, and Epic? I simply can't leave these out—I need to make this my "Top Twenty" list!

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