Episode 85: Emma Peel Era
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Steed and Emma chug away on Sir Horace's train.

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Steed Drives a Train
Emma is Tied to the Tracks

Produced: mid-March 1965 to ca. 14 April 1965
UK Premiere (London, Season 4): 7 October 1965
US Premiere (New York, Season 1): 4 August 1966

The country's early warning radar system is failing intermittently, and Steed and Emma are charged with the task of finding out why. The trail leads from a graveyard to a hospital run exclusively for the benefit of railway men where, unbeknownst to the eccentric financier, a plan is being hatched to disable Britain's entire defense system with jamming devices hidden in coffins.


This episode is a perfect example of the charming goofiness of The Avengers, as toward the end we find Emma tied to the railway tracks and Steed fighting the baddies atop a moving steam train (albeit a little one), while a silent film music score plays! A nice departure from the usual straightforward fight sequence. Another wonderful bit is in the operating room, where the surgeon asks the nurse for such things as calipers, wrenches, and a blowtorch. Pure delight!


Ray Austin, who plays Baron, was the resident Stunt Arranger for the series. He went on to direct several Tara King episodes and co-produce The New Avengers.

Steed's Aunties: Emma arrives at Steed's flat to find him playing with a toy gun. Emma: "Second childhood?" Steed: "Nephew's birthday."


 On Location

The model train scenes were filmed at The Stapleford Miniature Railway, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, 4 April 1965. See On Location for present-day views, and visit their website if you'd like to ride the train!

Aldenham Church at Letchmore Heath doubled for Pringby Church.

 Best Scene

Steed fights the baddies aboard the miniature train. A very close second would be lunch aboard Sir Horace's dining car—textbook British humor, right down to a burping, squeaking scenery machine.

 Best Line

With respect to being an "engine driver" (train engineer), Steed remarks, "There's no security, always on the move," to which Emma replies, "At least it would have kept you to the straight and narrow."

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Teleplay by
Directed by

Malcolm Hulke
Quentin Lawrence

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John Steed
Emma Peel
Sir Horace Winslip
Miss Thirlwell
Nurse Spray
Dr. Marlowe

Patrick Macnee 007
Diana Rigg 007
Ronald Fraser
Paul Massie
Caroline Blakiston #
Victor Platt #
Charles Lamb
Wanda Ventham
Ray Austin #
Steven Berkoff 007
Bryan Mosley #
Lloyd Lamble


Dr. Palmer

Aubrey Richards #
Alan Chuntz
Billy Cornelius
Peter J. Elliot
Harvey Hall #
George Selway #


Ray Austin

The Hour That Never Was

Caroline Blakiston

Dance with Death
The Positive Negative Man

Harvey Hall

The Master Minds
The See-Through Man

Bryan Mosley

Homicide and Old Lace

Aubrey Richards


Victor Platt

A Change of Bait

George Selway

Death at Bargain Prices

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